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What is Toughened (Tempered) Glass?

Toughened or Tempered Glass are terms used to describe glass that has been processed through a tempering furnace to provide greater resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses. Regular float glass is heated in a furnace to approximately 620°C.

Once at this temperature, it rapidly cooled in a chiller by blowing air onto the glass surface on both sides simultaneously. This second cooling stage creates a state of high compression on the glass surface that increases it’s resistance to thermal stress and shock.

It is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are of concern. Because of this process, the glass is able to withstand impacts 5 times stronger than regular float glass. If the glass breaks, this process achieves the safer “shatter” break pattern as opposed to large “shards” from regular float glass. This makes it the perfect solution for various commercial and domestic spaces including doors, partitioning, balustrading and furniture.

We have two toughening plants:

Tamglass PRO E bed size:3600mm x 2100mm

Tamglass HTF bed size: 3000mm x 1700mm

Most glass types can be toughened in the thickness range of 4mm – 25mm. Edge finishing, hole and notch positioning can be restricted when glass is to be toughened. Contact us today with any queries you may have and we will endeavour to find a solution.

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