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CNC Edging

CNC Glass Edging


Custom Cutting, Carving and Grooving.


Our expert operators and specialised Intermac CNC machines can execute almost any cut-out, shape, or glass design. CNC machines are automated milling devices. Our operators create detailed computer programs that are sent to the machine’s internal computer. This acts as the set of instructions for each individual glass piece with capabilities for milling, routing, grinding, polishing and countersinking.

We have invested in 3 Intermac CNC machines; two hoizontal Masters and a vertical Vertmax. These machines allow our highly trained operators create exact, consistent, and perfectly polished edges.

Notches and Cut-outs Guidelines:

  • All corners of notches and cut-outs must have fillets. A fillet is a rounded corner of which the straight edge emerges. The radius of a fillet must be greater to or equal to the thickness of the glass, but not less than 6mm.
  • The leg length must be at least 95mm.
  • The internal corner(s) radius must be equal to, or greater than the thickness of the glass, but not less than 6mm.
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