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Coloured Glass

A World of Possibilities

There has been a huge increase in popularity of coloured glass in recent years. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, coloured glass is both functional and decorative. Because of the strength, durability and maintenance-free qualities coloured glass is well suited for interior design such as coloured glass splashbacks and bathroom walls, and for building space divisions and cladding of wall surfaces. It can also be laminated to add extra strength where required.

Because our coloured glass is toughened you are guaranteed a heat and impact resistant product that is both easily cleaned and virtually maintenance free. We apply numerous coats to achieve a full vibrant colour and back-paint all glass to ensure that no externalities effect the desired result.

We recommend that low iron glass is used for coloured glass. With lower iron content the true colour of the paint is produced through the glass. This is especially the case for the lighter colours. All our coloured glass is manufactured on site in our dedicated painting booth, with cut-outs, drill holes, various edge finishes and notches performed by our two CNC machines.

We can digitise from templates to match your exact requirements. If added strength is required, coloured glass can also be laminated and/ or heat soaked for use in more challenging environments.

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