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Declaration of Perfomance (CPR 305/11)

Certificate Number: N/A

Tipperary Glass Ltd., Railway Road, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.
Notified Body: BSi Product Services
EN 12150-2 : 2004
Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass, intended to be used in buildings and construction works
Arctic Blue, Toughened, 6 mm
Resistance To FireNPD
Reaction To FireNPD
External Fire PerformanceNPD
Bullet ResistanceNPD
Explosion ResistanceNPD
Burglar ResistanceNPD
Pendulum Body Impact Resistance1(C)1
Resistance Against Sudden Temperature Changes and Temperature Differentials200 K
Wind, Snow, Permanent and Imposed Load Resistance6 mm
Direct Airborne Sound Insulation31 (-2 ;-3) dB
Thermal Properties5.7 W/m2K
Radiation Properties 
       Light Transmittance / Reflectance0.54/0.06/0.06
       Solar Transmittance / Reflectance0.37/0.05/0.05
AVCP3 System 3
Nicholas Cody
01 July 2013